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Silly Religion Religion, it's ridiculous, dangerous, ancient, unjustified and SILLY. Scroll down to see just how silly religious people get along with pro-atheist/science/skepticism posts. ________
This is a blog for the response to religion and religious claims/comments. Feel free to ask about anything or let us know when we are wrong and why.

I keep sharing Seth Andrews’ videos but I can’t help myself, the topics are deeply interesting and relatable and he is very well spoken.

This time it’s his podcasts about Angry Atheism, have a listen, if you will.

James Randi fairly accurately describes my own opinion when it comes to god(s) in his own opinion.

"I'm a Scientologist. What would you like to know?"

Asked by Anonymous

I have a few basic questions, if you could answer them that’d be great. :)

1. How did you come to Scientology? What convinced you?
2. What do you believe as a Scientologist?
3. How are ex-Scientologists treated by your community?
4. Where would you say I can learn more about Scientology?

If you can’t or don’t wish to answer all of these then please feel free to ignore the ones you’d rather not answer. Thanks!

Anyone have any knowledge on lesser known religions/cults? Jehova’s witnesses, Scientology, etc. Would you like to share what you know or what your experiences are with them? I’m interested in hearing about it. :)

I’m back! And as promised…

I’m back! And as promised…

Won’t be posting this weekend, friend staying over so will be occupied. :) So I’m taking this opportunity to let you guys know you can submit to the blog as well, only thing I ask is to make sure it’s original stuff. Maybe someone silly on your Facebook, a response to something or a meme/comic/etc of your own or someone you know.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

You guys want to handle this one? I will post the best answer in a post. :)

You guys want to handle this one? I will post the best answer in a post. :)

Have you snapped out of your atheist phase yet?